What does cut or uncut mean on a dating profile?

One of the options you’ll find on many dating / hook up apps to help describe yourself to would-be partners is a question about whether you’re cut or uncut.

Sometimes, “cut” can mean how well defined your muscles are, but in this case, they are talking about your cock.

Simply put, Cut is for those guys who don’t have a foreskin, whilst Uncut is for guys who still have their foreskins or “intact”.

How common is being “cut”

What does uncut mean

Across Europe and many parts of the world, guys are still intact, whereas in North America up to 75 per cent of guys are circumcised – usually for no medical reasons.

However, some men have to have circumcisions due to a foreskin that doesn’t roll back, which can make erections and intercourse quite painful. It can also affect how well you are able to clean the head of his penis.

Of course, some religious people are circumcised such as Jewish and Muslim males.

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There is a growing call for non-medical circumcision in young boys and men to be treated in the same way as Female Genital Mutilation.

In a recent poll conducted by THEGAYUK.com over 70 per cent of people, who voted, said that non-medical circumcision should be made illegal.

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Currently, in the UK, the practice of religious or cultural FGM is illegal, while the religious or cultural circumcision for males is still sanctioned by the Government. It is thought that less than 20 per cent of males are circumcised in the UK.

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