A reader asks whether allowing his boyfriend to cum inside him, without a condom will open him up to HIV infection.

Dear TGUK,

Me and my boyfriend both got tested and are HIV negative, we’ve been having unprotected sex and he always ejaculates inside me. I’m just wondering if you can contract HIV if yous are both negative and he ejaculates inside me?

John, 19

Dear John,

On face value and from what you’ve described, I’d say that the risk of you getting infected with HIV is very very low because, as you’ve pointed out, you’ve both tested negative for HIV.

Providing neither of you opens your relationship to another person (and don’t use condoms), use infected needles for drug-taking or receive an infected blood transfusion (which is incredibly unlikely), you will both remain HIV negative.

Regular Testing

Being regularly tested for STIs will also mean you get a clearer picture of your sexual health – so if you’re sexually active it’s good to get tested a few times a year.


However, if you’re still concerned about HIV, you can also speak to your local sexual health clinic about going on the IMPACT Prep trial and seeing whether you’re an ideal candidate to take part.

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It’s free on the NHS and will give you an extra layer of security as it is an HIV blocker.

As always, make sure you communicate with your partner about your concerns – if you’re not 100 per cent happy with him cumming inside you – talk about it.

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It’s your body and you are in charge of what goes in!

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