Hate crimes against transgender people decreased by 23 per cent in Scotland

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Hate crimes against transgender people decreased by 23 per cent in Scotland

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The latest statistics from the Hate Crime In Scotland report show that charges in relation to transgender hate crime decreased by 16 per cent in the 2018/19 period compared to the year before.

Court proceedings were commenced in respect of 29 of the 40 charges.

In the same period, homophobic hate crime charges increased by five per cent.

In total, 40 charges of transphobic hate crime were reported to the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland in 2018/19. The previous period recorded 52 reports, this is a decrease of 23 per cent.


In contrast, crimes charged and reported on the basis of sexuality increased to over 1100 reported crimes.


In 2018 to 2019 hate crimes based on sexual orientation rose by five per cent according to a report on Hate Crime In Scotland. There were 1,176 charges reported in 2018-19. The numbers of crimes reported and charged have risen year on year since 2010, except in 2014/15.

Since 2010 hate crimes against gay and bi people have increased by over 160 per cent.

Homophobia the only hate crime to rise

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In contrast to religious, race and gender identity-based crime, hate crime based on sexual orientation is the only hate crime to steadily climb.

Although race-based hate crimes are the most reported type of hate crime, the number of charges reported has decreased by 37% since a peak in 2011-12.