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Valentine’s day is fast approaching and for many of us, the question about where to go with our date still looms. From romantic dinners to hiking, the options are never-ending. But what is the perfect date? were keen to find the answers and surveyed 1,546 people, asking them to rate each date activity out of 10 (10 being very good and 0 being very bad).

Drinks, came on top as the best activity to do on a first date, according to 38% of respondents. One respondent stated that having an alcoholic beverage on a date, made them “more talkative and social.”

Attend a comedy night, was surprisingly rated the second-best date. A whopping 36% said this would be their favourite activity.

The third best-rated date was, in fact, a walk, according to 35% of respondents. On a budget? No problem- just take your date on a walk! revealed that the typical dinner date, is NOT the most favoured activity- despite popular opinion.

One respondent commented saying dinner dates were “too formal and often awkward.”

Instead, people rated active and fun activities much higher.

Furthermore, the experts revealed that people would rather go to a museum (25%) than a theme park (13%).

To delve deeper, the experts analysed the different activities different age groups preferred. The results found that…

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People in their 20s do not want to go for drinks! Only 42% of respondents rated this the best idea, in comparison to over half of the respondents arguing mini-golf was the best activity (51%).

Say no to picnics…

Finally, if your date is in their 20s, avoid picnics and museums.

Having a picnic and visiting a museum were the worst-rated ideas by people in their 20s.

People in their 30-40s, were the only age group, that rated dinner and drinks the best first date. Surprisingly, no other age group rated drinks and dinner the best activity.

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People aged between 40-50, seem to love their comedy nights, with 40% rating this the best first date.

People aged in their 50-60s appear to keep things simple, with a walk being the best first date.

This was closely followed by a comedy night. Make sure to avoid theme parks and bowling though- these ideas were rated the worst by people in their 50-60s.

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