August EP750 Noise Cancelling review


We’ve become a bit obsessed with noise cancelling headphones recently – and there are so many choices out there. All of the big brands in audio have released their own versions, with their own sound cancelling technology – some with amazing results, but for the best, you’ll have to fork out a huge wad of cash.

Recently a pair of headphones from the relatively unknown manufacturer August landed on the Tech desk at TGUK HQ. They just might be, for their price, be best we’ve tested in 2017.

Build And Quality

Out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice about the August EP750 headphones is that they are big. If you like your ears covered (perfect when it’s cold outside) then these will please. Each ear cup is covered with soft padding, making extended listening a pleasure. Access to the buttons that control volume, calls making and answering, and the noise cancellation feature are all easy to find and navigate. They feel solid and they don’t feel like they’ll slip off your head. The padding is thick and comfortable and should fit over the average ear and provide a good basic level of sound isolation, even before you turn on the noise cancelling.

The other thing you’ll notice is that they are incredibly easy to use. The headphones include a rechargeable battery, which charges by USB. Pairing them with your device is no problem, but if you’re a bit over the Bluetooth faff, generally, they’ve included a gold plated jack cable, which you can plug in directly.

You can also use these headphones to place and answer calls and amazingly, you can connect these headphones to two devices simultaneously.

In the box, you’ll find a selection of adapters, easy to read instructions and a robust storage case for your new headphones.


Sound wise, the August EP750 is near perfect. Rounded base, clear vocals and the EQ is nicely balanced – a little coloured to add good bass tones and a crisp, but not painful, high ends. When I went back to my standard pair (the headphones I always use, which happen to be a pair of Bose) I found that the August EP750 actually outperformed them.

There is a little issue with wind noise when you’re walking – especially if it also happens to be windy out – although this is an issue with most over-the-ear headphones. You might notice the sound of the wind as you walk from location to location.

Is the noise cancelling affective on these headphones? Well, it’s not as good as others we have tested, like the Libratone, but you pay for what you get. It does a could job of eliminating traffic noise and general hum noises – so these would be perfect on a flight for instance. For more general noise cancellation, say an open plan office, they might need to fork out a bit more cash.

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Great sounding headphones, with good general hum killing technology. They also won’t break the bank.



Price  – Sub £70 for Noise Cancellation is great

Fantastic sound, better than some bigger brands

Lots of extras in the box

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Wind sound when walking

Noise Cancellation not as good as others

You can buy them from Amazon.co.uk

Tech Spec

  • Bluetooth: v4.1
    NFC: On left ear piece
    aptX: Enabled
    Noise reduction level:-18DB
    Operating Range: Up to 10m
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
    Speaker Output: 20mW
    SNR: =85dB
    Distortion: = 1.0% Battery: 3.7V/270mAh Li-ion
    Working Time: 15 Hours
    Charging Time: 3 Hours
    Standby Time: 540 Hours
    Weight: 235g
    Dimensions: 201 x 180 x 65mm
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