During this time, isolation can be just as scary as any other part of the Covid-19 outbreak particularly if you’re LGBT+.

We asked leading HIV Awareness advocate Philip Baldwin what you can do to keep your spirits up.

“I have noticed a lot of people on social media complaining that they feel isolated.

“These are strange times. Many LGBTQ people felt isolated even before Covid-19. Unfortunately most of the charities I would usually recommend have reduced services, such as peer support, because of Covid-19.

I know that a number of them are still operating helplines and if you are struggling then I encourage you to reach out to someone. I recommend looking at the Terrence Higgins Trust website and also that of the LGBT Foundation. Personally, I am working from home, catching up on Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer.

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“I recommend phoning friends and/or speaking to them via Skype or FaceTime. Interactions do not have to take place face-to-face and we are lucky to benefit from modern technology.”

THEGAYUK.com has also created a page full of helpful resources, articles and helplines. Click here to visit.

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