The caveman mentality is so outdated it makes me want to puke. However, the gym is one of those places that both attracts bros and then further encourages bro-behaviour.

Don’t let toxic masc bros stop you from getting fit.

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The toxic masculinity mentality is so outdated it makes me want to puke. However, the gym is one of those places that both attracts bros and then further encourages bro-behaviour. So no matter where you train, from the plushest health club to the most bare-bones 24-hour gym, you’ll encounter these assholes at one point or another. Wearing their backwards caps and shouting at their bros to smash out another rep.

It’s enough to deter any gay man, woman, or newcomer from ever daring to set foot in the free weights section. To that, we say FUCK NO! The time has come to take a stand against this crap, so here are a few things you can do to combat toxic masculinity in your gym.

1. Be gay!


Well done, you’ve already accomplished this one. So if you’re gay then don’t be afraid to act it. You don’t have to hide your camp-ness at home, with friends, or at work, and you shouldn’t suddenly have to in the gym.

Listen to your Lady Gaga full volume, wear unicorn leggings, go to Jazzercise, and just be yourself. This isn’t high school gym class anymore.

2. Train with a girl-friend


Work to dispel the bullshit male/female divide in gyms and get training with your girl friends. Get them into the weights section and help them feel confident doing pull ups and bench pressing with barbells. Then hop on the elliptical with them and do your cardio. There are no “male exercises” and no “female exercises”, just different training goals.

Women and men can both work to be stronger and fitter, side by side. #gayfitness [Tweet this if you agree!]

3. Get strong

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If there is a homophobic piece of shit in the gym, then the best way to show this toxic creep that he’s outdated and obsolete is to get strong. Focus on good form and consistency and you’ll progress in your training far quicker than a loud-mouthed bro who’s just looking to slam some weights around. Just watch him try and call you a sissy when you’re benching what he squats.

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  1. Don’t become a jerk
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When you do get stronger, don’t fall into the trap of becoming a bro yourself. Yes, you’re strong, you know what you’re doing, and you look great, but don’t start acting like the world owes something because you’re buff now.

Take your training seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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Whether you’re new to this whole gym thing or you’ve been training for years, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. If you need a spot or you’re unsure, ask someone for help. If they’re not busy or mid-set, then they’ll probably be happy to help.

No one knows everything, and only toxic assholes act like they do.

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