Much is being said about who is destined to be the next Bond and well here at THEGAYUK we’d like to see a bit of diversity…

So if Spectre is Daniel Craig’s last film in the Bond franchise and the job is up for grabs, we’ve got some suggestions from our very own community.

1) Paris Lees

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Although we can’t find her age (how you do this in this modern age of Wikipedia, Google and FB is a dark art – something that could come in handy for a Bond), so we’re guessing she’s mid to late 20s, Paris Lees might be a little too young to play Bond, but how magnificent would she be. Outspoken, witty, dresses to kill,  well connected and knows how to mix a good cocktail we’re told.

2) Andrew Hayden-Smith, 32

CREDIT: Monty McKinnen for THEGAYUK

Swave, British, easy on the eye and Northern – we’ve yet to have a Tyne And Wear bred Bond and we think it’s about time. He’d be the youngest Bond to play the part if he got it, but since Bonds need to last a decade we could definitely see Hayden-Smith maturing into the role nicely.

3) Sue Perkins, 46

 CREDIT: (C) Love Productions – Photographer: Des Willie

Sue Perkins’ got the smarts and the sense of humour. She exudes confidence, which is a must for any Bond.

Bond, Sue Bond – no wait doesn’t she already exist?

4) Martyn Andrews, 36,


Former cover star for THEGAYUK, Martyn is an international man having travelled the world extensively. He’s multi-lingual and a genius when it comes to Russian politics having served at a journalist for RT for nearly 10 years. At over 6’3″ he’d be one of the tallest Bonds to date.


5) Wentworth Miller, 43

CREDIT: ©-S-Buckley-Depositphotos

CREDIT: ©-S-Buckley-Depositphotos

The perfect age for a Bond – plus Wentworth Miller’s got that whole prison thing going for him.

Plus he looks amazing in a suit – so what more do you really need?


6) Alan Cumming, 51

CREDIT: kathclick/bigstock

CREDIT: kathclick/bigstock


Scottish born Alan Cumming, showed his Machiavellian side in The Good Wife, we think Alan could definitely pull off a gay bond. At 51 he may be a little too old – as Bonds should ideally last about 10 years in the role – which means by his last film he’d be into his 60s. He wouldn’t be the first Scot to play Bond, rather famously Sean Connery embodied the role and is considered one of the best Bonds ever.

7) Asifa Lahore

CREDIT: Monty McKinnen for THEGAYUK

Can you imagine audience reactions to Britain’s most famous Muslim Drag Queen as Bond. It gives us shivers now, which is why we’re nominating her for the role. Asifa could be her own Bond girl as well – saving money on the budget.


8) Gareth Thomas

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How’s about a Welsh Bond? Physically fit, a man’s man and knows a thing or to about the important of blending in with your crowd. Although Bond often works alone you need a man who knows the importance of teamwork.


9) John Partridge, 44

CREDIT: Channel 5

CREDIT: Channel 5

He’s got the looks and he’s the perfect age. EastEnders’ bad gay boy would be perfect for James Bond. Plus he looks divine all suited and booted. Aside from the perfect look, he’s got a heart of gold and he loves his mother – we’d like to see more of this fluffy side to bond.


10) Seann Miley Moore, 26

Hey if we’re going to totally f*ck with the heteronormative brand of James Bond we might as well suggest Seann Miley Moore. The X Factor star moved from Sydney, Australia to London to make his dream come true, proving that he’s ready to move mountains to get the job done.

He wouldn’t be the first Aussie to take the part, George Lazenby played Bond in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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