Pink Angels

They’re household names and pop royalty in their native Czech Republic, now the girls are making waves in the UK, with their brand new track Slay Mama. We get together to find out how camp they are…

Pink Angels
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If I gave you one million euros this afternoon in unmarked notes, what would you do?
Angee: I would probably buy a house or a flat, save something for later and give something to charity
Natalie: I think I would buy a flat and a cool car and save some money for good purposes
Tereza: I would buy a Chanel boy bag for every member of the band
Nikki: I would buy a car and a flat for all of us to hang out, I would also give some to my family, some to charity, and save the rest

Which one of the Village People would you date and why?
Angee: Eric Anzalone (Leather Man) because he seems cool
Natalie: Felipe Rose… (Native American) he’s hot!
Tereza: Victor Willis! (Naval officer) He looks so nice
Nikki: David Hodo. (Construction worker) He is cool!

Snog Marry Avoid:  Katy Perry, Katie Price, Katie Hopkins
Angee: Snog Katy Perry, Marry Katie Price, Avoid Katie Hopkins
Natalie: Snog Katy Perry, Marry Katie Price, Avoid Katie Hopkins
Tereza: Snog Katy Perry, Marry Katie Price, Avoid Katie Hopkins
Nikki: Snog Katie Price, Marry Katy Perry, Avoid Katie Hopkins. But honestly, I only know Katy Perry so don’t take me seriously

If you only could kiss to one song forever more which would it be: Mr Blobby’s  Mr Blobby, Celine’s All By Myself or Aqua’s Barbie Girl?
Angee: Barbie Girl!
Natalie: All By Myself
Tereza: Barbie Girl, 100%!
Nikki: Celine’s All By Myself

Who is your favourite Kardashian?
Angee: Kendall! She’s so pretty and I like her behavior
Natalie: Kendall Jenner
Tereza: Kendall, she’s the prettiest one
Nikki: Kendall all the way!

What are the ultimate ingredients to recording a “gay anthem”?
Angee: Dance and fun!
Natalie: Good clothes and fun

Champagne is…
Angee: Drink. I’m not allowed to drink
Natalie: Drink. I’m finally allowed to drink, but I still don’t like the taste
Tereza: Sorry, I’m not 18. I don’t know what champagne is!
Nikki: Nice for special occasions

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Angee: Take a long hot shower and drink a hot tea
Natalie: Turn on some good and easy going music
Tereza: I’m on my phone on Snapchat and Instagram
Nikki: Brush my teeth and eat breakfast

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What should Madonna do next?
Angee: Invite us to her party
Natalie: Write a song about me!
Tereza: A song with Pink Angels
Nikki: Another world tour! She was the first artist I saw perform

What are your thoughts of men in onesies?
Angee: Fun and cute
Natalie: I have never seen a guy in a onesie so I have no idea
Tereza: I think it’s cool. I also have a onesie and it’s the most comfortable thing ever
Nikki: Awww, cute!

Lastly, in the song ‘Slay Mama’, you ask what is the boy gonna do with his “record scratch” what is the best thing for a boy to do with his ahem… “record scratch”!
Angee: Haha! I like this question. It’s actually a secret, I can’t say but we all know what the meaning was!
Natalie: You will never know…
Tereza: I can’t tell you! It’s a secret!
Nikki: Haha! It’s supposed to be “with your sh*t” so I guess they shouldn’t do stupid sh*t.

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