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This story is bordering on homophobic tbh

A story about a gay man who gave birth after a receiving a “rectal-ovary transplant” is completely false and potentially damaging to the LGBT+ community.

Hilarious… right? Because everything about gay men has to do with ass?

The story, first published by satirical site, World News Daily Report stated that a gay couple in the US, celebrated the world’s first anal birth. has labeled the story as “Satire”.

The story claimed, “James Bent, 37, received donated ovaries from his sister Leila Bent, 32, which were later successfully transplanted into his rectum and which enabled the anal birth to occur.”

The article also, stated that “LGBTQ community worldwide has received the news of the rectal birth with open arms as the revolutionary medical procedure could enable millions of fertility-challenged couples to procreate”.

Numerous people took to commenting on the site and on social media with homophobic comments.

Who are the guys in the photo?

The picture was taken from a completely unrelated story from six years ago. The couple, Frank Nelson and BJ Barone were photographed holding their newborn son, who was born via a surrogate mother.

A friend of the men who actually appear in the photo that runs alongside the article said the article was a “violation of their privacy”. He added, “This is a photo of MY FRIENDS after their surrogate gave birth to their son 6 years ago. Completely fake news”

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Even though the site, markets itself as a satire website, the article and its formating does not mention that the whole story is a lie. It has been shared, as fact, by thousands of people.


World News Daily Report has seen its readership plummet in recent months according to SimilarWeb. In March the site logged over 2.34 million visits according to the SW statistics, the latest for August shows the number of visitors to the site at around 612,000.

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