Lindsay Kemp 3 May 1938 – 25 August 2018.

I was saddened this weekend to hear that the dancer, teacher, actor, mentor and mime artist, Lindsay Kemp had passed away in Italy over the weekend. I was away at a festival and when a friend told me, we were both saddened. Others of our group didn’t know who he was.

To me, he will also be a shining star. A man who without his talents, we wouldn’t have had such amazing dance interpretations by Kate Bush. On being given her first big advance from EMI, she spent it wisely with Lindsay Kemp and it was his mentoring skills that brought out the creative confidence in Kate. In an interview, he said that Kate Bush was very shy but gave herself away to the music when she attended his Covent Garden dance studio.

To reciprocate what Lindsey had done, Kate dedicated a song to him called “Moving” from her debut album The Kick Inside and probably more so special in that it was the opening song on the album. 

To listen to that song and having watched some of Lindsey’s work you are transported into interpretive dance and you can imagine the 2 of them falling into the music. 

Kate Bush would come back to Lindsay for her 7th studio album the 1993 The Red Shoes where she would use Lindsay in the short video film of the accompanying film The Line, The Cross and The Curve where he would play the Guide into assisting Kate into singing back her three symbols from a very mischievous Miranda Richardson.

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So I’ve just sat down to watch “he Line, The Cross and The Curve again as a homage to the great Lindsay Kemp and despite Kate calling the film a “load of bollocks” I think it was rather special and only 1 of 13 things Lindsey has been in for TV or film. 

He passed away after spending the day rehearsing. RIP Lindsey Kemp, my queen of the dance.

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