A proposal to fly the internationally renown LGBT symbol, the rainbow flag, in Abingdon near Oxford has been struck down by the town council.

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The town council in Abingdon have voted seven to six not to fly the Pride flag next year. Organisers for Oxford Pride say they are “extremely disappointed” and are keen to find out exactly why the opposition to having the internationally recognised symbol for pride being flown in the quaint English town.

According to a post on Oxford Pride’s page, one person who was involved in the vote was overheard commenting, “what kind of message would it be sending to town”, which some on social media have branded “disgraceful” and “disgusting”.


A spokesperson for Oxford Pride commented,

“It’s important to show the community that their town supports them regardless of sexuality and gender, unfortunately some of Abingdon Town Council don’t agree!”

“For the Town Council to refuse this emblem of inclusion and acceptance, indicates that there are some still in control who do not wish such virtues to be part of an English town.”

A petition has been launched asking the town council to fly the flag for Abington.

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THEGAYUK has reached out to the leader of the Council, Mr Michael Badcock for comment about the vote and alleged comment.

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