I’ve been using the Tucano Urbano Network 2G jacket recently, taking advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having.

Tucano Urbano is an Italian manufacturer who’s range offers Italian design and style with practical solutions for urban scooter and motorcycle riders, so I’m told.

They’ve been around for 120 years and have a good reputation for making quality gear.


The Network 2G jacket is described by Tucano Urbano as a classic motorbike style mesh jacket.

It’s a lightweight summer jacket with 100% Polyester outer and 100% Polyester lining. High strength polyester mesh inserts on the outside with a light mesh lining keep you nice and cool.

There are two large mesh areas on the front, all the way from shoulder to waist. On the rear there is one large mesh panel from lower back, all the way to below the shoulders. Arms have full length mesh panels from cuff to shoulder seam.

Tucano Urbano have added some reflective trim on the cuff called REFLACTIVE® SYSTEM, that can be folded out when you need it.

You can tighten the arms at the tricep via press stud and cuff via and small velcro strap. There are heavier velcro straps on each side to adjust the waist.
Two slant pockets provide some storage on the outside and there are two more pockets on the inside. You’ll find an external zip pocket at the rear, across the bottom, and an internal pocket to allow for the optional D30 back protector, which is strongly recommended. I have one in mine and it is superb.
You can zip the jacket to trousers and there a robust, single zip on the front with anti scratch flap to prevent you scratching your tank.


Fit and feel:

I’m not skinny, the most polite way to describe myself would be well built. I’m usually a 38″ waist or XL jacket.  If I had a criticism of the Network 2 jacket it would be that it comes up a little on the small side. It fits really well and the cut is flattering, but I’d should have gone up a size.

It doesn’t ride up at the back and it fits really well across the shoulders. The arms are fitted too, and are the perfect length. The cut of the jacket is excellent, apart from around my middle. When I zip it up, it’s pretty snug over the breadbasket. I expect it’s not really made for the middle aged, overweight guy.

Even with all the armour in, it’s comfortable and looks great.


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the Tucano Urbano Network 2 has D30 armour at the elbows and shoulders, and I have the optional back protector to compliment.
D30 armour is superb. If you don’t have any, try and find some clothing with some in and feel it. Push your finger against the gel and feel what it does.
Although this is definitely a summer jacket with lots of venting, it feels really durable and strong.

Tucano Urbano are proud to say this jacket is class A certified in accordance with directive prEN17092 which is a new standard that includes all clothing marketed as ‘protective clothing for motorcyclists’ and includes a wide variety of tests intended to assess the protection and integrity of the clothing. The tests consider; strength of seams, tear strength, impact energy absorption, dimensional stability, fit and ergonomics and garment restraint.



Around town, on a warm dry day, this is brilliant. It’s light, easy to move around in and the air can get through it. It regulates temperature really well.
On a motorway, on an overcast day, it gets pretty chilly. I usually wear a t-shirt under the jacket which means my arms are the first part of me to feel the cold. In the dry, I haven’t found myself particularly cold on my body, maybe it’s the..….erm…insulation i have.
I found at sustained motorway speeds, my arms were getting chilli but otherwise i was fine. A long sleeve top underneath would make a big difference.
For carving through town it’s a great choice.



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Ah, not great. It is a summer jacket after all. It’s not waterproof. There are lots of mesh panels and the rain just gets straight through. On the plus side, if it’s just a shower, you’ll dry pretty quickly too.


If you’re looking for a high quality, good looking summer jacket that comes with CE approved shoulder and elbow armour (and optional back protector), has been certified CE class A, and will keep you cool and comfortable during warm weather riding, the Tucano Urbano Network 2G jacket is an excellent choice.

It’s a summer jacket, no question, but it looks great, it’s well made, has some nice features, and all for £114.99


Tucano Urbano Jacket Network 2G
Sizes M > 3XL

About the author: Mark Turner
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