Russell Tovey admits what panicked him when he first starting have sex

13th March 2018 0 By News Desk

Heartthrob Russell Tovey admitted something that panicked him when he first starting having sex.


Looking star, Russell Tovey admitted that he “panicked” when he first starting having sex, because he felt he wasn’t old enough. Speaking to the Guardian, he revealed, that he always felt that “everything was happening a bit too quickly” and that included his sex life.

He said, “I’ve always been someone who feels like they need to catch up or pretend to be ready for these things, but in my head I’m not, I’m thinking: ‘Get out of the car and stop having sex!’ Now I feel like I can legit do sex and do driving – I’ve caught up with it. I’m finally ready at 36.”

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He also revealed that he’s a bit of natural worrier, which he gets from his mum, revealing “I’m definitely a worrier, I get it from my mum. She has always gone from zero to panic in seconds. I’ll be flapping about and Steve, my fiancé, will say, ‘Chill out, give it 10 minutes.’ I can’t be with someone who is like me; I need a calming influence in a partner. I couldn’t be with another performer – I can’t have that anxiety.”