When it comes to concealers, I’ll be honest and say they’re not one of my favourite things. Mainly this is because I still like the natural look, even with makeup on and I tend to find most concealers, are way too full coverage for my liking. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that. If you’re a full coverage qween, then more power to you! It’s just not my personal preference.

One brand though that has stood out to me recently, is ALTR for Men. I find that they have gotten the balance just right between male makeup and skincare.

In fact, their concealer is one of my go-to products on a daily basis. The reason I like their Face Fix product so much is just how lightweight and natural it looks and feels on the skin. I particularly opt for their Face Fix Half & Half, which contains two shades of their product.

One to brighten up under the eyes and the second to reduce any areas of redness on the face. Perfect for those mornings when you don’t want everyone to know you were out a little bit too late last night.


Available At: altrformen.com