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  • UK’s Deputy Prime Minister: Uganda Anti-Gay Law ‘abhorrent’

    The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister has said that the new Ugandan anti-gay law is an ‘abhorrent backwards step’. The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is joining the number of world leaders that are openly speaking out against Uganda’s newly signed law which could see gay people jailed. The new law proposes that anyone engaging […]

  • Obama warns Uganda against anti-gay law

    The US President, Barack Obama has warned Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni that an anti-gay law could complicate relationships that tie the two nations together. The new law proposes that anyone engaging in homosexual acts could face life imprisonment and that anyone who does not report the crime would also fall foul of the law. Even […]

  • Heartbreaking online vigil for Roger Jean Claude Mbede

    A heartbreaking online vigil has gone online at AllOut.org for Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé who was killed in Cameroon, where it is still illegal to be gay. • Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé was jailed for 3 years in prison • He had sent a text saying ‘I’m very mich in love w/u • He faced physical abuse […]

  • Nigeria passes anti-gay law

    The president of Nigeria has signed a new bill, shrouded in secrecy that outlaws homosexuality. • Law criminalises homosexuality • Punishment includes prison tariff up to 14 years. • Law does not allow gay clubs, associations or organisations. A step in the wrong direction for Nigerian LGBT people, as the Country’s President signs into law […]

  • Ugandan MPs pass “Jail The Gays” bill

    Life in prison a possibility after Ugandan MPs passes anti-homosexuality bill. The Ugandan Parliament has passed a law which could see thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the region jailed for life. The law was first introduced in 2009 – and sparked world-wide condemnation – a petition by AllOut to Uganda’s President, […]

  • LGBT groups forced to suspend AIDS education in Cameroon

    LGBT rights groups in Cameroon are being forced to suspend Aids education programmes because fears of educator’s safety. AllAfrica.com is reporting that Aids education programmes have been halted by LGBT organisations in Cameroon “until their international partners help them to improve security so activists won’t be killed while trying to curb the spread of HIV […]

  • Somalian Teen Allegedly Stoned To Death For Being Gay

    An eighteen year old gay man was allegedly stoned to death as a punishment for homosexual acts, a gay Muslim group as said, in a horrifying story that was originally published by Identity Kenya. According to Somali Gay Community, Mohamed Ali Basshi was buried in a hole up to his chest while rocks were hurled […]

  • Ugandian “Kill The Gays” Law Still Pressing Head

    AllOut.org have announced the following statement

  • Hours To Stop Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Bill

    Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill is back. If it passes, this horrific law could allow the death penalty for lesbian and gay Ugandans. It could pass at any moment.

  • Nigeria Is Days Away From Passing Jail The Gay Bill

    ALL OUT has currently over 80,000 signatures. We need 20,000 More!