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  • Courtney Acts proudly shows off her “tuck” in CBB shower room

    Courtney Act is breaking drag boundaries… A drag queen’s tuck is probably the most hidden and closely guarded secret, but not for Courtney Act – who today will show off her tuck, rather proudly, on Celebrity Big Brother. [nsfw][/nsfw] As Shane turns into Courtney Act, Shane reveals how he tucks his penis – proudly displaying his […]

  • Who is Courtney act and what is she most famous for?

    Courtney Act has just entered the Celebrity Big Brother house but what is Courtney most famous for? Courtney Act is a famous drag queen from Austrailia. Courtney came to fame in Austrailian when Shane Jenek (Courtney’s male persona) entered Austrailian Idol in 2003. As Courtney, Shane went on to star in the show as a wildcard […]

  • Drag Race’s Willam blasted for being “transphobic” during live broadcast

    Drag Race star, Willam Belli has been blasted over comments made during her show Suck Less. The season four drag queen was joined by Season 6 runner-up, Courtney Act, to answer fan questions. One such question was from a girl who had recently started to date a trans man. She was unsure of how to proceed […]

  • Courtney Act In Beheading Music Video

    Hail to the artists… but we’d like to know what you think about this video. It has to be said we love this song, v v catchy, but we’re not too sure on the subject matter of the video. Slick yes, Courtney Act looking hotter than ever, yes – Beheading. Not so much. Check out […]

  • INTERVIEW: Courtney Act : “Mr Act Will Have A Pulse”

    2014 was a whirlwind year for Courtney Act. The Australian drag queen who’s, not once, but twice ruled the reality TV waves. Back in her home country, Courtney Act is a household name thanks to her participation in Australian Idol in 2003. In 2014, she became a house-hold name in nearly every gay home in […]

  • BOOK REVIEW | Dr.a.g

    ‘Dr.a.g. isn’t what you wear and it isn’t who you are. It’s how you wear who you are.’ Drag (a man who is ‘dressed as a girl’) has become a diverse form of expression that challenges, entertains and educates by pushing boundaries, while embracing beauty, comedy and glamour. The performers in this illustrated book are […]