Tag: Gay TV Series On Amazon Prime

  • Boystown

    This is the original pilot for the gay drama series BoysTown that was just picked up for a full season by OutTV in Canada. This is destined to be a collector’s item. Starring: J. Hunter Ackerman, Ricky Reidling, Albertossy Espinoza Runtime: 50 minutes Release: 2005   Other Genres: Action | Biography | Bollywood | Comedy  […]

  • My Family Starring Me

    This lighthearted series follows a big-thinking eight-year-old, Jacob Gelbart and his family’s daily adventures. The stories celebrates the joys and challenges of everyday family life in the blended household of two lesbian parents. My Family Starring Me is not about how different Jacob’s family is from other families, but importantly, how it is the same. […]

  • The Benefits Of Gusbandry

    At her debaucherous 40th birthday party, serial relationship-killer Jackie meets handsome and charming thirty-something River – the perfect guy, who happens to be gay. Their ensuing adventures in self-medication, late-blooming, and questionable judgment lead them to discover a raucous new kind of significant otherness. Starring: Brooke Totman, Kurt Conroyd Released: 2015 Other Genres: Action | […]

  • Successful People

    Chet and Laura have spent ten years trying to make it as songwriters. After meeting a younger and highly successful songwriter at a networking event, pregnant Laura and socially-awkward Chet try new, last-ditch tactics to try to make it in an effort to become the one thing they’ve never been: Successful People. Starring: Theresa Ryan, […]

  • Offseason

    The body of a young woman is discovered hanging over the main street of Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the dead of winter. The townspeople question whether or not it was a suicide. The motive is not as transparent as it would seem. Offseason is a quirky, independent mini-series shot on location and produced by […]

  • About Him: Freshman Year

    There’s no denying that it’s all about him Damien. After experiencing his first encounter with heartbreak Damien dives into the chaotic world of college life. Damien stumbles around campus like the other lost freshmen doing his best to keep his eyes glued to his books and off of shirtless jocks, fratboys, and handsome intellectuals. But […]

  • Gay TV Series On Amazon Prime

    There are a couple of LGBT TV Series available from Amazon Prime. Other Genres: Action | Biography | Bollywood | Comedy  | Drama | Documentary | Horror | Lesbian | Musical | SciFi | Thriller | Trans | TV Series | BACK TO ALL LGBT CONTENT ON AMAZON PRIME     About Him: Freshman Year There’s no denying […]