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  • Justin Trudeau wore brilliant Eid Mubarak socks

    In a powerful show of unity, Canada’s President, Justin Trudeau was reaching out to more than just the gay community this past weekend. As Toronto Pride was in full swing this year, Canadian President, Justin Trudeau was doing his bit. Proudly waving and joining in with the festivities, but it was what was under his […]

  • Is Justin Trudeau gay?

    Justin Trudeau is one of the most talked about leaders of the world – and is notable for his positive and progressive stance on LGBT+ issues and rights. Justin Trudeau entered into power as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister in November 2015. Since his time in power he has been at the forefront of LGBT+ equality […]

  • Oh dear… Sean Spicer just called the Canadian Prime Minister the wrong name

    Sean Spicer just made a grievous error after calling Canada’s Prime Minister the wrong name. Major, major awkwardness from the White House after Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer managed to get the Canadian Prime Minister’s name wrong, despite him being a guest of the White House just days previous. What is more alarming is […]

  • World’s “Sexiest” Prime Minister Joins Canada Pride Event

    North America’s largest Pride festival unveils Canada’s first-ever Pride Month. Pride Toronto, the city’s most vibrant and inclusive arts and cultural festival and North America’s largest Pride celebration, has unveiled its 2016 Pride Month theme, announcing to the world that this June, “YOU CAN SIT WITH US.” The campaign for Canada’s first-ever Pride Month, features […]