So the 19th series of Celebrity Big Brother has just launched. We thought we’d see which LGBT celebs have starred in the ever popular show.

which gay stars have appeared in Celebrity Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother 2017 | Channel 5

Generally speaking, LGBT celebs tend to do well in Celebrity Big Brother. There have been two openly gay winners, Rylan and Julian Clary. There have been three runners-up, Sue Perkins, Austin Armacost and Michael Barrymore. However, some LGBT celebs have caused controversy and were booted from the house, including Tila Tequila and Christopher Biggins. There have been two trans women to take part in the show.

There have been:

Lesbian 3

Bisexual 6

Gay 14

Trans 3

Honourary 1

Total 27

Series 2

Sue Perkins, came 2nd

Former Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins wasn’t as famous back then as she is now. Series two of CBB was just ten days long and she managed to stay right till the last day but didn’t win the series. That honour went to former Take That singer Mark Owen.


Series 4

Jodie Marsh, first evicted.

Jodie Marsh who said she was bisexual after being celibate for 4 years didn’t fair well during her time on the show. She was the first evictee from the series. In an exclusive interview with she told us that only gay porn gets her off now.

Michael Barrymore, came 2nd

His appearance in Series 4 of Celeb Big Bro was largely considered Michael Barrymore’s comeback to mainstream television following the death of a man at his home. He managed to spend 22 days in the house and was crowned runner up of the series.

Pete Burn, came 5th

Pete Burns
By AndyCrazyTeen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Peter Burns came fifth the fourth series of Celebrity Big Brother. There were hopes he’d be invited back for the ‘All-Stars’ version of the show, but he died a few months before the start of the 17th series.


Series 5

Ian H Watkins, came 4th

Ian, or as many of our readers will know him as “H” from Steps, came out officially on the day he entered the house. He was in one of the most talked series ever, after a “race row” between a number of the housemates and Indian actor Shilpa Shetty. He eventually placed fourth.


Series 7

Alex Reid, winner

Alex, who has spoken about how he might consider himself transgender or a cross gender-dresser in 2015 managed to win the 7th series of the show. During her time in the Big Brother house ex-wife Katie Price talked about how much Alex liked butt play.


Series 9

Gareth Thomas, came third

Rugby’s first out player, Gareth Thomas, finished 3rd in the ninth series of Celebrity Big Brother.


Series 10

Jasmine Lennard, first evictee

CREDIT: Channel 5

Jasmine didn’t fair too well in the tenth series as she was the first celebrity to be booted from the show.


Julian Clary, winner

CREDIT: Channel 5

Julian won the hearts of the nation and was crowned king of the house.


Julie Goodyear MBE, came 7th

Coronation Street actor, Julie Goodyear, managed to stay the course for 22 days and was the seventh celeb to be evicted.


Series 11

Rylan Clark, winner

CREDIT: Channel 5

King of the presenters, Rylan Clark managed to win the 11th series just weeks after being booted from the X Factor.


Series 12

Louis Spence, came 7th

Louis managed to dance and prance his way through the 12th series of CBB placing 7th overall.

Lauren Harries, came 3rd

Lauren was the first openly trans person to star in Celebrity Big Brother. She came third in the 12th series of CBB. In December, Lauren gave heavy hints that she’d be joining the 17th series, but so far she’s not appeared.

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Series 13

Lee Ryan, came 7th

CREDIT: Channel 5

Lee went in a straight man, however, a sexual revelation during a conversation with some housemates made many viewers believe that he is bisexual. Even his fellow Blue bandmate, Duncan James tweeted that he thought he was the only “only bi/gay in the band”. Lee lasted 24 days in the house.

Ollie Locke, came 3rd

Ollie announced that he was bisexual before entering the house and admitted that he had never slept with a man. He has since come out as gay.


Series 14

Leslie Jordan, 2nd evictee

Will and Grace actor Leslie got more than he bargained for when he joined series 14. A few spats with Frenchy saw his best undies destroyed by the star.

Kellie Maloney, came 9th

kellie maloney
CREDIT Channel 5

Kellie Maloney became the second trans woman to enter the BB house. She won the nation’s hearts with her public transformation. Kellie also reveals that Tom Selleck would be her perfect man.


Series 15

Kavana, came 7th

Boybander Kavana, didn’t get much airtime in the 15th series thanks to huge personalities like Michelle Visage, Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins.

Michelle Visage, came 5th

Okay, so Michelle Visage is an honorary member of the LGBT community. She did herself proud in the house and even managed to make Katie Hopkins seem approachable.

Perez Hilton, came 6th

Apparently, possibly, the most talked about housemate in the history of the show. Execs were so eager to have him back for the latest series but failed to meet his “double the money” demand.


Series 16

Austin Armacost, came 2nd

Austin and James.

It didn’t take long for Austin to get naked in the BB house, in fact, it was just a couple of hours. He managed to bromance his way to the finals with James Hill.

Tila Tequila, ejected

The less said the better to be honest. She got kicked out when BB execs realised that she had written some offensive messages on social media.


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Series 17

Christopher Maloney, came 8th

John Partridge, came 5th


Series 18

Christopher Biggins, ejected

Christopher Biggins
CREDIT Channel 5

Poor Christopher Biggins didn’t last long in CBB after a number of offensive conversations, Biggins was booted off the show.

Marnie Simpson, came 4th

Bisexual star Marine Simpson fell in love with Lewis Bloor and his massive penis. Their love story was the stuff of true boredom.

Samantha Fox, came 7th


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