Ellen DeGeneres Twitter List

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19) George Takei, Actor, 1.81 million, @GeorgeTakei

Former Star Trek actor George Takei has become a social media phenomenon and his “Oh My” saying is somewhat legendary.

18) Jane Lynch, Actor 1.92 million, @JaneMarieLynch

Jane Lynch gained herself a legion of fans during the hit TV show Glee. Since the show’s end Jane has become a broadway success play in Annie.

17) Tim Cook, Apple CEO, 2.29 million @Tim_Cook

Tim Cook is possibly one of the most influential gay men on the planet. He is the CEO of mega corp Apple.

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16) Tom Daley, Diver, 2.54 million, @TomDaley1994

One of England’s most famous exports. Tom Daley is a popular Olympic Diver, who is seen as one of first stars to have come out via YouTube.

15) Chris Colfer, Actor, 2.56 million, @ChrisColfer


The second actor on our most powerful list to come out of the TV show, Glee. Chris has now become a popular author of children’s books. He also was a model for Mr. Porter for a while.

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