TheGayUK reveals The LGBT New Year’s Recognitions for 2014.

With over 5000 votes cast TheGayUK’s New Years Recognition List has been announced and includes 15 individuals, companies or organisations that actively supported, championed or spoke up for the LGBT community in 2013.

Readers were asked to vote on 5 categories, which included: Awareness, Activism and Politics, Health, Entertainment, Sports and Health.


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In the field of Education
Bridegroom – The Documentary film
Bisi Alimi – Activist and Advocate
Human Rights Campaign – Advocacy Organisation

In the field of Health
Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation – Bullying Awareness Charity
G-A-Y – Club and Bars
UK Positive Lad – Twitter user and HIV Magazine Founder


In the field of Entertainment
Adam Lambert – Singer
Graham Norton – TV Presenter
Theatre 503 – Theatre in London

In the field of Sports
Tom Daley – Olympian and Diver
Jason Collins – Sportsman
Clare Balding – TV Presenter

In the field of Activism, Awareness and Politics
Stephen Fry – Author, Broadcaster, Actor
Shane Bitney Crone – Activist
Pinknews – Online Newspaper


Jake Hook co-founder of TheGayUK remarked: “2013 was an incredible year, so many great things happened for the LGBT community both at home and abroad.

The seeds of equality planted by the generations before us are starting to take root and without these people’s bravery, persistence and determination the journey would be much harder.

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We’ve still got a long way to go and we still need to stand in solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world – but we are on the way.”

TheGayUK would like to thank everyone who voted.

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