In the UK, Pride takes place from February right through until December, so there is no one date for Pride in 2024, however, most prides take place during the UK’s summer months, June, July and August.

Luckily you can find a list of the UK’s pride on our very own 2024 pride calendar.


However, if you’re wondering when pride month is, well that is celebrated every year in the month of June. It’s a celebration that started in the USA to commemorate the Stonewall Riots but is now observed the world over.

When is the first Pride in the UK?

The first pride in the UK is usually Student Pride, which takes place in February.

The last known pride in the UK is Ellesmere Port Pride which takes place in December.

What period is Pride Month?


Pride month takes place in June. June was chosen by LGBTQ+ community leaders in the US as a way of commemorating the Stonewall Riots that took place in June 1969.

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