Fans of Star Trek: Discovery are on hold! So when does it return to Netflix?

In a usual move for Netflix, Star Trek: Discovery has been released weekly rather than in one upload, allowing binge watching- as fans of the streaming service have come to expect.

This is mainly because the series is shown in the US on a traditional TV station CBS – which chooses to run the series weekly, meaning fans across the globe have to wait until each show is shown in the US first.

CBS is the owner of Star Trek rights for television series, while Paramount film studios own the rights to make the movies.

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This means the latest ST series won’t be returning to our streaming devices until the new year because CBS has decided to create a “mid-season finale”. Allowing for Christmas scheduling.

The second part of the season won’t be available until January 2018. So fans have to wait a little longer for the following 8 episodes. In total, the series has 13 episodes.