Just. stop.

Drunk or otherwise – thinking it’s a great idea to share our most intimate moments with the world via Instagram. We’ve made a list of the top things we need to stop sharing.

Your Trout Pout.

It just isn’t sexy. No, really it isn’t. Unless you’re Katie Price or Rylan Clark it’s best to leave the lip service to the professionals. (Even if you are cute)

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors.

Clearly, there’s a problem here.

You Looking Like A Member of a boy band. Black Vest, check…

Vacant look, CHECK. Flawless skin, which has been photoshopped into a smooth paste… CHECK. Come to bed eyes… CHECK. In other news those eyebrows are amazing.

You And Your Toys.

Not sure this one needs explaining. The world does not need to see the cone you put up your ass. No wait, hang on – show us how you do that…

Pictures Of Your Conquests.

No one wants to know you ‘Just nutted in his ass’ (yes an actual caption), such a romantic notion. We don’t wanna know. Okay, that’s a blatant lie, more of these pics, please.

Random pictures of hot guys on public transport

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As cute as he is… This is creepy AF.

Your Hook Up Texts.

TMI. Now I can’t concentrate.

Your First Class Ticket.

Bitch we don’t care about your priority sticker for your Ryanair flight.

Disney Stuff

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What are you ten? Although we agree Elsa is the best Disney princess ever.

Sh** That’s Suppose To Be Inspirational…

because it’s not.

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