20 Things You Never Knew About David Bowie

13th January 2016 0 By Paul Stag

You have seen the Newsreels, heard the obituaries and seen all the social media comments from the great and good who loved Bowie as much as we do.

To be different and just to kit you out with some trivia that you can drop into the inevitable Friday night conversations over a beer that will impress your buddies with your knowledge of the late great Thin White Duke here are some things that you won’t know:-

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1) His most famous song ‘Heroes’ was a flop.

It only peaked at number 24 in the UK charts behind The Barron Knights, Carpenters and Baccara. It missed out entirely in the states and never made the Top 5 in any country in the world. The UK did later on put it at number one when re-recorded by the X Factor finalists as sung by One Direction and others 33 years later.

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