Moobs. Dear god just how do you get rid of them?

Did you know that moobs – the man boob, is actually called gynecomastia in medical circles? According to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, it impacts around fifty percent of all men.

We share some advice to help you get rid of those man bumps that have been bugging you.

Lose some weight

Sorry guys but some weight loss is necessary if you want to see those man boobs disappear. After all, they are made out of fatty tissue. Depending on your body type you might not need to lose that much – half a stone – if you’re currently overweight could be the perfect start to  seeing a noticeable reduction.

Cut out drink

Cutting back on alcohol can help you reach a moob-free existence. According to, some pints of beer contain around 250 calories per pint – which is the equivalent of a small bar of chocolate. Meaning that in one night’s drinking you could be stacking on an extra 2500 calories. Ouch!

Alcohol can also reduce the amount of fat your body burns for its energy.

Drinkaware’s website warns,

“Our bodies can’t store alcohol. So when you drink alcohol your body wants to get rid of it. All of your body’s other processes that should be taking place, like burning fat, are interrupted while it does that.

“To burn off the 180 calories you’d find in an average pint of lager (4% ABV) a typical man would have to spend: 13 minutes running on the treadmill or playing football; 15 minutes cycling or 20 minutes swimming or half an hour on the golf course.”

Get your clothes right

If you’re looking for a more ascetic rather than fitness approach to hiding your chest maybe you could take a look at your clothing. Thinner fabrics will highlight the outline of your chest. So opt for chunkier fabrics like flannel or wool. Great for the winter time, not so good if it’s in the height of summer.  Shirts are also good to hide a bigger chest rather than t-shirts. Opt for more rigid cuts using thicker material.

Get spanx

Not just for women, you know. Spanx has a variety of contour control garments like the Zoned performance V-neck t-shirt, which comes in black and white. Very slimming and gives you a great silhouette.


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Getting friendly with a bench press will help shape that chest to a more masculine form. Matt Plowman, nutrition and supplement advisor from Cardiff Sports Nutrition says,

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“Mixing HIIT training with weight training and plyometric moves will enable you to burn more body fat. Reducing fat will restrict oestrogen (it’s) a great combination for this problematic area. You can reinforce these efforts by increasing the protein in your diet, this isn’t necessarily about taking protein supplements, although this helps, it’s about making smart choices to eat lean protein sources and green vegetables.

“Taking supplements such as Glutamine and Carnitine will also enable the body to burn fat more efficiently. We recommend taking a protein powder 30 mins prior and immediately after your workout to take advantage of the anabolic window and build lean muscle.”

He suggests the following exercises:

Push Up – You know what a push up is!

Plyo press ups – Get yourself into a press-up position, and lower yourself onto the floor, as you come up, explosively push yourself up powerfully so that your body and hands raise up off the ground – clap your hands as you are off the ground if you feel brave!

Elevated Push Up – elevate your feet using a bench or box, lower your down counting to 3, and raise yourself back up. Be sure that your back doesn’t sag at any point. As your strength increases, you can wear a weighted vest.

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Deadlift – stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on the bar shoulder-width apart too. When you start your arms should be straight and knees slightly bent, keeping your chest and head up, pulling up the bar, driving down through your heels and push your hips forward until you are standing tall.

Dumbbell Bench Press – Lie on a flat bench with your feet flat on the ground and a dumbbell in each hand using an overhand grip. Press the weights straight up driving your heels into the ground and lower them slowly.

Get medical

There are a number of medical procedures that are available to reduce and claim to get rid of your excess chest fat. There’s the VASER Liposuction which is performed at The Private Clinic of Harley Street by Dr Dennis Wolf. In the treatment, which starts from £2,800, a patient’s fatty tissues are liquefied with ultrasound energy. The fat is then removed through a gentle aspiration process. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, while you’re still awake meaning that recovery time is much shorter. Dr Dennis Wolf has performed 1,800 VASER liposuction procedures.

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