Despite abstaining from the same-sex marriage vote, Andrea Leadsom said that she’d be “happy” to see same-sex couples getting married in Churches.

Cabinet Minister, Andrea Leadsom, who ran an unsuccessful bid to become the UK’s Prime Minister in 2016 has said that she would be “happy” to see gay marriage in Churches, despite previously saying that same-sex marriage “harms” Christians.


At a recent event, she addressed her poor voting record on LGBT+ rights, specifically, the Marriage (same-sex couples) Bill in 2013.

Speaking to PinkNews, she said, “My decision [to abstain on the 2013 Marriage (same-sex couples) Bill] related specifically to the legislation around registry offices and churches, and the way in which the Christian faith recognises marriage.

“I have always been clear that I believe the love of same-sex couples is just as important, and indeed equal, as the love of heterosexual couples.


“I would be very happy to see same-sex couples married in a church, but that is a matter for the Church of England.

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“I am proud to live in a country that recognises equality for all.”

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