This month's list, is all about protecting our skin and ensuring we go into spring looking fresh!

So it’s safe to say winter didn’t say goodbye in January. With snow and icy winds hitting the UK, our skin is definitely taking a battering. That’s why this month’s list, is all about protecting our skin and ensuring we go into spring looking fresh!

1. STARSKIN: The Leading Man Mask

Sheet masks have been popping up all over the place lately and there’s a very good reason, that brands are jumping on this K-Beauty trend. On average a sheet mask has a full bottle of serum/essence infused into it and what this means is that our skin gets a hit of moisture, that our daily moisturiser couldn’t even dream of giving. Now although there are many options on the market, our personal favourite right now is The Leading Man Mask by STARSKIN beauty. This mask is not only aimed specifically at men but also uses bio-cellulose technology to hydrate, smooth, energise, firm and refine the skin. Basically, it leaves you feeling red carpet ready!

Available at (£8.50)

2. Recipe for Men: Anti-Shine Moisturiser

This isn’t the first time, that Recipe for Men have appeared in one of our top grooming lists and there’s a good reason why! The Scandinavian skincare company don’t throw any punches when it comes to their products. Creating innovative formulas that not only get the job done but do so with effortless style. Their Anti-Shine Moisturiser is no different! This powerful cream will not only hydrate your skin, protecting it from the last of the winter weather but it will hold the not so dewy tube glow at bay. Keeping you looking fresh and hydrated all day long.

Available at (£30.00)

3. Kiehl’s: Buttermask for Lips

Now lip balms are a thing of mystery for many men. We put them on our lips and they somehow still end up looking like the surface of Mars by the end of the day. So many would think they are basically, useless. The reasoning behind this though, is that many lip balms require you to re-apply on regular intervals throughout the day. Think about it our lips come in contact with food and drink all day long and of course our lip balm is going to wear off. This is where Kiehl’s Buttermask for Lips comes in though, instead of being a balm it is a thicker creamy consistency. Now what this means is that the product will stay longer on the lips, providing that necessary hydration and protection our lips need in the winter months. We recommend applying once in the morning, after lunch and before bed for maximum effect. It’s time to keep those crusty lips at bay boys!

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Available at (£22.00)

4. Björn Axén: Short Hair Wax

Another Scandinavian brand here and Sweden’s strongest hair care brand to boot. We might as well learn from the Vikings how to survive the winter months, right? Björn Axén’s Short Hair Wax has been a firm favourite of mine since my year abroad in Sweden. This product kept my hair in place through the harsh conditions of a Swedish winter and I’ve sworn by it since, getting some every time I head back to the country. Now a short disclaimer here, this product is only intended for short hair. So if you’re more follicly endowed than me, than this product is probably not for you. The brand does cater to lots of different hair lengths and types though, so check them out and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you and keep your hair picture perfect.

Available at (£13.00)

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5. LAB SERIES: BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF 35

Again another old favourite here. LAB SERIES’ BB Tinted Moisturiser is something initially I didn’t get on with. It was my first step into the world of male make-up when I was at university and well honestly, I made a pig’s ear of it the first time I tried to use it. After looking a bit more into it and admittedly asking a few female friends, I learned how to use it properly and I was pretty damn impressed with the results. My skin tone was evened out and due to the universal shade, there was no visible indication that I had anything on my face. it left me with a naturally glowing complexion and it’s been in my bathroom cabinet ever since. Now I know you’ll all now be curious about how to avoid my initial mishap and make this product work for you. Male make-up can be daunting to the newcomer and my first piece of advice is to remember this is not just a moisturiser! If you apply this product as liberally as your daily moisturiser, you ain’t gonna be pretty and it’s gonna be pretty obvious this ain’t your natural skin. The key with this product is to use a pea size amount and buff it into your skin. If you want to go the extra step, buy a blending brush and it will leave your skin looking flawless! Not to mention it has SPF, so it even helps protect you from the sun and yes there is still sun damage in winter, even though it isn’t scorching outside…

Available at (£38.00)

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