Boris Johnson: Kids need to be taught to reflect society

Speaking on LBC today, Boris Johnson said that pupils across the UK should be taught “about the world as it is”.

Tory leader and Prime Minister hopeful, Boris Johnson fielded a call today, while on LBC with Nick Ferrari, from an organiser of Shetland LGBTQ, who asked the candidate whether children should be taught about LGBT+ relationships and acceptance in schools across the entire UK.

The line of question comes after hundreds of mostly Muslim parents in Birmingham protested LGBT+ acceptance and relationship lessons being taught in schools through the No Outsiders‘ campaign.

Answering the question, Mr Johnson said that he believed that, “People should be able to love whomever they chose” and said that the country was “all the greater” for that right.


He told Nick Ferrari, “People should be able to love whomever they chose and that’s the way we live our lives in the UK. Our country is all the greater for it. I do think it’s important that kids are taught about the world as it is.

He added that he believed that teachers and schools have “a responsibility to teach kids about the world as it is”.

Hundreds of parents removed their children from the Parkfield Primary school in April in protest of the ‘No Outsiders’ lessons.

When pushed further about whether the parents were right or wrong to take their children out of classes in schools in Birmingham, Mr Johnson continued, “I don’t think kids should unreasonably be taken out of school”

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