Apparently, great things come in small packages

Apparently, great things come in small packages

Did you know there’s a dating app designed for guys with small dicks and it’s apparently become a big hit, particularly with the gay and bi-male community according to its creators.

Nearly one-quarter of the guys who have registered on the app identify as gay or bisexual, which is way above proportionality for the general population.

The app, which is called Dinky Ones was only launched in March 2020 and has already had over 100,000 men join.

According to the app’s founder, David Minns, Dinky One has registered nearly 25,000 gay or bi men and over 800 of them log in every day.

For the super nerdy, they swapped 1955 messages.

So how big (or small) do you need to be to register?

Are small dicks the way forward?

According to the website, Dinking Dating recommends that users who are less than 5.5 inches then you’re eligible to join. They write, “If your penis is less than this you are eligible to join. 50% of the male population will have a penis less than average size. That’s half of the men in your university, office, night club or train. You’re certainly not alone.

“Also remember, men often like to exaggerate. If you hear someone saying they are 7 inches it generally means 6 or 6.5 at best.”

However small cock lovers are also invited to join, Dinky Ones added, “Interested in dating a man who has penis size below 5.5 inches (14cm).

All about normalising penis size

Of course, penis size is a source of great discussion on gay dating apps, like Grindr and Scuff and many guys have a warped sense of what is normal when it comes to penis size, thanks to media and unrealistic porn scenes.

Our sexpert Patrick Devon told us, “Penises come in all shapes and sizes and most of them are smaller than you think, as gay men we tend to watch a lot of gay porn, which usually has two or more penises involved, but guys who work in porn tend to have larger cocks – which gives us a warped perception of what is actually average”.

Dinky Ones says, “In addition, the internet is packed with false claims and products to increase penis size. Many young men now think that you need a 12-inch penis to satisfy your partner. This is simply not the case and our dating site is here to normalise the situation.”

Are small dicks different from Micropenises?

According to Dinky Ones any dick smaller than the average is classed as a small dick – so anything less than 5.5 inches would be classed small, however, micropenises are willies that are smaller than 2 inches when erect.

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A micropenis is classed as a penis that’s half the size of the average size, so from around 2.5 inches when erect, but can be smaller than that.

It is a recognised medical condition and doesn’t have a cure, per se. It affects 0.6% of the male population and shouldn’t be confused with someone who has buried penis syndrome or someone who is just smaller than average.

Need some advice on how to have great sex even if you have a micropenis? We’ve got some tips here.

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