what does MMF mean on a dating profile
Decoding what MMF means on a guy's profile

If you ever see the acronym “MMF” on a guy’s profile, it means that the guy you’re talking to is into three ways with two males and a female, hence M+M+F!

Simply put the two Ms stand for Male while the F stands for female. This means that he’s into the idea of having a bisexual threesome.

What does MMF mean

It’d be up to you to chat about specifics and how that might play out. It’s not very common to find MMF on a hookup app like Grindr or Scuff whose main audience is made up of gay men and same-sex attracted people, but you may find a bisexual man or indeed his girlfriend who is entirely up for being in a three-way with another guy.

Remember if you’re meeting up with strangers over a dating or hook up app to take precautions for your safety. Read our article about staying safe here.

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