It’s a fact of life. If you’re single, you’re probably on a dating app, and if you’re not getting the dates you want, you could be asking the wrong questions…

If you’re looking for love on a dating app and you’re not getting the results you want you could be doing something crucially wrong, and it could be the questions you’re asking.

Obviously, the most used word on Grindr is “Hey” or even “Sup” but the next following convo is important if you’re looking for love rather than just a hookup.


what mistakes to avoid on gay dating apps
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So what is this cardinal sin we’re all committing?

You shouldn’t be asking what they do for a living as it seems too “opportunistic”. According to Cosmopolitan, Myka Meier, who created an etiquette app, called, Beaumont Etiquette, bringing up someone’s career (or lack thereof) can feel like you’re asking, “‘so how much money do you make?’ or “So how well educated are you?”

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So what topics does Meier suggest you stick with if you want to take the relationship further?

Well, there’s a person’s background, interests and where they were raised or where they live now.

Also, you could be on the wrong app. Check out our gay dating app review for the best dating app experience.

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