Katie Hopkins takes issue with police forces taking part in annual pride parades.

Policing with Pride – Police in Liverpool march in Liverpool Pride 2017

Katie Hopkins has taken a swipe at police forces in the UK for taking part in pride parades – and described them “as part of the problem”. The former LBC presenter was making a statement after it came to light that some police chiefs in the UK might have to pull their support from Remembrance Sunday parades due to lack of funding.

Speaking to her 823,000 followers on Twitter taking aim at police chiefs she wrote, “You can’t afford our Remembrance Parades (for fear of offending) but you can afford this vanity exercise?” before republishing a video of a police force taking part in a pride parade. 

The tweet generated a huge backlash, with at least one person asking if the officers in the video were “real” and added that they were “an embarrassment”. Hopkins responded by writing “They describe themselves as ‘real officers’. We describe them as ‘part of the problem’.

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This isn’t the first time Hopkins has commented on police inclusion in pride events, earlier in 2017, she remarked on Sussex Police spending £750 on pride decals for two of their cars.