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Is Rami Malek from Bohemian Rhapsody gay, bisexual or straight?

He’s an award-winning actor who is getting critical acclaim for his stunning portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but what do we know about the actor Rami Malek?

Is Rami Malek married
(Photo by: Sarah Shatz/USA Network)

Although Rami Malek has appeared in numerous films and TV series it is arguable that he first came to public awareness when Amazon Studios released their stunning and critically acclaimed tech drama, Mr Robot. Before that show he was pretty much unknown. However, since then his role as Freddie Mercury in the multi-award winning Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, he has been catapulted to household name status.

Is Rami Malek gay, bisexual or straight?

Rami Malek gay, bisexual or straight

Of course, it goes without saying, in this day and age, it really shouldn’t matter what an actor’s sexuality is. However, Rami doesn’t identify as gay or bisexual but remains very private about his romantic life. Previously he revealed that he tends to shun questions about his private life wishing to remain “anonymous”.

It has been reported that he is or has dated his BoRap co-star Lucy Boynton according to US Weekly magazine – with a source close to the pair saying Rami was “so into her”. The pair apparently met on the set of the Box Office breaking movie back in 2017. Lucy played Freddie’s girlfriend, Mary Austin.


He was also reported that he dated another co-star, Portia Doubleday who appeared alongside Rami in Mr Robot. According to US Weekly, the couple split in 2017.

Speaking about playing the iconic role of the bisexual Freddie Mercury Rami said that Freddie was “a gay icon and… an icon for all of us.”

Is Rami Malek married?

As far as we know for certain, Rami Melek is not married.

What other shows has Rami Malek appeared in?

Rami has appeared in countless TV series, including Gilmore Girls, 24, The Pacific and BoJack Horseman. In terms of films, he has starred in Night At The Museum, Battleship, The Twilight Saga and Need For Speed.




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