The Good Place star called out cosmetics company Avon for a “gross abuse of the body positive movement” and they listened and apologised.

Well known for her campaigning on body positivity issues, Jameela Jamil recently took cosmetic giant Avon to task over what she called “gross abuse” with some of their advertising.

Jameela was criticising the Avon #NakedProof campaign which focussed on cellulite on women’s thighs. One of the main images had the caption, “dimples are cute on your face, not on your thighs”.

Railing against the campaign, Jameela wrote, “And yet EVERYONE has dimples on their thighs, I do, you do, and the CLOWNS at @Avon_UK certainly do.

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She then called upon the cosmetics giant to “Stop shaming women about age, gravity and cellulite” adding, “they’re inevitable, completely normal things. To make us fear them and try to “fix” them, is to literally set us up for failure”

She said that Avon, or indeed any other publication should be ashamed to run this sort of “abusive advertising” adding, “My timeline is full of women saying adverts like these are why they are afraid to be naked in front of lovers, or to wear a swimsuit. You are being robbed of your money and self-esteem.”

Avon UK wiped their hands clean of the campaign saying, “Naked Proof is not an Avon UK Campaign and will not be featured in any of our materials.”

However, AvonInsider, the official account for the US arm of the company did eventually come back to star saying it had “missed the mark” with its messaging, saying, “We have removed this messaging from all future marketing materials. We fully support our community in loving their bodies and feel confident in their own skin.”

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The actor, thanked the company, calling their reply “progress” before saying, “But also @AvonInsider please don’t promote a brand that markets itself as “Naked Proof” again. None of us need to be told that anything should stop us from feeling good naked.

“It’s the most natural thing. There is nothing wrong with scars and marks and bumps. We are human.”



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