Sometimes we love our job.

As they say a picture says a thousand words and these minxy pictures are painting quite the essay – mainly about how perky rugby players’ bottoms are.

The Ipswich Rugby Club are selling their naked calendar full of tasteful nudes in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

One of the players, Tom Ives, Centre, remarked about getting naked for the calendar in the cold, he said,

“Normally a nude photo shoot, outside, in cold weather wouldn’t be my cup of tea but given the fact that the proceeds are helping to partially fund our tour and sizeable portion is going to a great cause (Prostate Cancer UK), it more than made sense to brave the nippy breeze in order to come up with this beauty of a calendar.

“As to the choice of charity; I spend Monday to Friday working for an NHS end of life team, in which I bear witness to the effects end stage cancer has on people and their loved ones, so I felt the cause was more than just given the pain and upset caused by such a horrific condition”.


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