On Thursday 18th Sept 2014, History WILL be made. Never in my lifetime have I seen as many people engaged in politics, some for the very first time, there have been many arguments, wild accusations and straight out lies from both sides, and there have been some very ugly scenes on the streets, It feels like a different country and sometimes it feels like the beginning of a new revolution.

It is exciting, scary and sometimes downright awful, but a passionate fire in Scotland has been lit, and it is more powerful and brighter than ever, and whatever your view on it all, it can’t be denied what has happened amongst the people has been incredible.

But what about the LGBTI community in Scotland, how will it affect us?
On Mon 15th Sept 2014, The Pink News website, published the results of a poll of 2163 LGBTI people and 54% voted in favour of a Yes vote, When I tweeted I wanted people’s opinions for this article, the majority of people also said they are voting Yes, and again the majority of LGBTI people on my social networks also favouring a Yes vote.

Why is the Yes vote so strong amongst the LGBTI community in Scotland?
Since the Scottish Parliament was formed, it has taken incredible strides for equality for the LGBTI community, but Britain as you may or may not know has no written constitution, decisions can be made and over-turned just as easily depending on who is in power at any given time, eg. nothing is set in stone, what is law now could just as easily not be law in the next government.

From an LGBTI point of view that would be disastrous for everyone, for everyone who has fought for equal rights.

From a Yes point of view, Scotland will have a written constitution with today’s laws written and enshrined in it, that would be a sense of stability for LGBTI communities all over Scotland, we would be equal, it cannot be taken away, an incredible reward for the decades of fighting for the smallest of rights to being able to marry the person we love. It would be leading the way in equality rights.

It is with this in mind the Rainbow Paper was published detailing why a Yes vote would be beneficial for LGBTI communities –

What If No Wins
If a No vote does indeed prevail on Friday morning, then LGBTI communities all over Britain should be aware that after the next general election in May 2015 and the Conservative party are still in power they may seek to review and repeal the Human Rights act, placing everything that everyone who has fought for in jeopardy. That is something that everyone should be aware of, no matter where they live in the UK.

The Morning After The Night Before
On Friday 19th Sept, Britain is going to be a very different place, and that IS scary, even if a No vote has succeeded, a fire has been lit not just in Scottish politics but all over the UK, and the Govt and Westminster have a right to be scared, we all want change, we all want something better and we can and should make it happen.

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If a Yes vote prevails, it is very important to remember that it is NOT because Scotland hates England and all that tiresome rubbish the media and scumbags of society are throwing about, Hadrians wall is not suddenly going to re-appear, it was just a chance for change, a chance to make life better, a chance to have your voice heard.

Scotland will always quite literally be a part of Britain, it will just have its own voice, It will be your annoying brother, that deep down you love to bits, just as England will be the annoying older Brother that we also dearly love.

I LOVE Britain, It is Great! Just because there maybe 2 Governments instead of 1, does not mean a thing.

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I will still count myself as British, just as I have always done no matter which way it goes.
In the words of the legendary RuPaul: Can I Get An Amen Up In Here!


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