Overtones’ singer Timmy Matley died after falling from the 13th floor

Singer Timmy Matley died after falling from the 13th floor of a tower block in London.

(C) TheGayUK Timmy Matley is the second from the right-hand side

The coroner in the death of pop star Timmy Matley, who was 36 at the time of his death, from the vocal group The Overtones died after falling from the 13th floor of a tower block in London. The post-mortem also revealed that there was Crystal Meth in his system when he died.

When he died in April, many fans suspected that he had succumbed to cancer he had been battling. However these new details show that the death was an accidental fall. He was diagnosed with stage three malignant melanoma in 2016.

Poplar Coroner’s Court confirmed to Mirror Online that the singer died in a “drug-related incident”.

The inquest heard that the singer was at a friend’s flat. He apparently locked himself out on the balcony. The Daily Mail reports, that he tried to climb down before falling to his death.

Timmy far right.

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Taking to their Twitter account, The Overtones wrote, “We will not be making any comment other than to say that Timmy, our funny, talented, beautiful friend was dearly loved and he is deeply missed.”

Speaking to THEGAYUK in 2013, Timmy spoked passionately about LGBT representation in the music industry and the part that The Overtones played in that saying, “I’m so proud of where we’re at and that we can, as a band, do an interview with you and talk about it first of all, and for there to be no mention about it or strategy at the label. It’s 2013 and we’re so comfortable in our workplace. To be who we are. We’re never told to be anything else but ourselves and I’m very proud of that. We never get any jip for it. When we first started I was a bit nervous.”

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