Now, we all know no body is a wrong body. Body positivity is hot, and knowing what you've got and flaunting it is the best way forward in any case.

Now, we all know no body is a wrong body. Body positivity is hot, and knowing what you’ve got and flaunting it is the best way forward in any case. Still, if there is one thing big-mama Eureka O’Hara has taught us it is the importance of proportionising.

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So, if you’re looking to “Proportionise (TM)” properly for your body type then listen up, as here are five tips to a slimming style for any guy.

1 – There’s Truth To The Stripes

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Okay, it’s something we have heard forever – like, I literally remember being a closeted tween and hearing Trinny & Susanna discussing this. Despite their sometimes bad hype, vertical stripes can still do a lot to slim down a figure and elongate the torso. (It’s pretty simple stuff when you think about it, really – anything you wear that will pull the eye up and down is going to make you look taller and slimmer compared to something that will force the eye side to side.) Even better, stripes are still in trend and you won’t struggle to find an option to suit any mood, season, or occasion. #trustthestripe

Topman – Fresh Prince Realness 
Primark  – Summer Ice Cream Man Chique
Zolando – Summer Buzz 


2 – Focus On That Trou To Shoe Transition

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It’s another simple one – I bet you can see where this list is going now – but just try to match the colour and tone of your footwear to your trousers as much as you can. Sure, this gets more difficult (if not impossible) as the warmer weather hits and the short shorts reemerge. So, just keep it in mind for when you do indeed have no choice but to wear trousers – or even for those days when there is just a bit of a cold snap in the air. Brilliant options here are Chelsea boots or hi-tops, basically, any footwear that can slide under the bottom of your trousers instead of leaving an unsightly slither of pale ankle in between the trou and the shoe. The “Science” here works in the same way as the striped shirts, and by creating a constant block of colour from the waist down your legs are elongated and as a result, also appear slimmed down to boot.

Converse – Keep it classic. 
Dr.Martens – Stomp out the competition. 
River Island – Smarten up like you’re made in Chelsea (Boots). 

3 – Avoid

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The Oversized

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Now, this is a bit of a difficult one, as I know how tempting it is to opt for the comfy, oversized, hide-all option that is an oversized Tee or Sweatshirt. But trust me, that Moomoo won’t do you no good, Mama. While it might seem counterintuitive when dealing with slimming down a larger framed physique you need to opt for the more fitted options – and this is the case whether choosing jeans, tees, sweatshirts or jackets. Just think – extra bulk will cause extra bulk, and that’s the last thing you want to do, right?

Go for Big and Tall sections if you struggle to find a decent fit, but stick with their versions of slim fits to taper everything in as much as possible.

Boohoo Men – Blessed With Good Jeans 
Ralph Lauren – Classic Prep
Raging Bull – Who likes short shorts? 

4 – Contrast Can be Kind

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I know, I know, we were just talking about how working the matchy-matchy look can slim you out, but this is different, so give me a chance. Matching tops to bottoms, and trousers to shoes sure can work to slim out a figure, but if you’re wanting to push the boundaries and work on that adventurous nature of yours then there are always options. If you can opt for a light jacket or shirt be sure to leave it open with a contrasting colour or print layered beneath – imagine a black jacket with a white tee, it’s pretty simple (again) but that strip of white down the centre is really going to stretch out the torso and do all the work for you. (Just remember, don’t add bulk – stay fitted and light and all should be okay.)

Boohoo Mens – Pink and Pastel 
TopMan – Simple Denim 
H&M – First A Spark, Then A Blaze(r)

5 – Finally, The French Tuck, It’s Not For Everyone.

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While Queer Eye may be an obvious fan favourite for all (and rightly so IMHO) the French Tuck is not. It’s as simple as that, really. It’s a style choice made in almost every episode that quite often makes me want to tear my own hair out. The thing is, yes The French Tuck is a great option to add borders and dimension to a look – and it can honestly completely transform the appearance of a plain white Tee. However, if you have even the slightest tummy this may not be the way forward for you. On a plumper torso, something like the French Tuck can just work to define the problem area even more. That being said don’t rule it out just yet, as obviously the great Tan France does know his stuff. Instead, try it out before you leave the house, then stop, stare in the mirror and really assess whether it works for you and your body type or not: it will work for some, but it’s definitely no magic fix-all. Take a look and trust your gut … You’ll know.

About the author: Dan Coleborn
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