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Six things we learnt this week Ed Says No, Erections, Newzoids, Gay Cures, Hopkins and Sue

With the opposition leaders raging, sorry debating each other this week, we found that Ed Miliband is not prepared to go into partnership with Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP party.

(Source Daily Mail)

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We finally found out why we men get a stiffy in the morning… Thank goodnness (Source TheGayUK)

Newzoids, ITV’s long awaited satirical look at modern life didn’t quite fulfil our wishes and needs. ( Source: Telegraph)

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40,000 people said no to a Christian church bringing gay cure speakers to the UK. (Source TheGayUK)


Petition overdrive demanding that The Sun fire Katie Hopkins over her “gunship” article . (Source: Huffington Post)

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Sue Perkins leaves Twitter after hateful homophobic trolling (Source Guardian)