If you're wondering why your penis seems to be shrinking, apparently, it's probably because of your middle-age spread.

If you’re wondering why your penis seems to be shrinking, apparently, it’s probably because of your FUPA.

We have a lot of data about the size of men’s penises, we even know where the UK fits in compared to the rest of the world,  however penis size from 60 years ago is near impossible to obtain, so finding out whether our penises are getting smaller as we age, is difficult to compare to previous generations of men.

However, it is suggested that perhaps because we are living longer up to 30 years longer, (one in three of us now lives past the age of 100), and are weighing a lot more than we used to.

What the hell is a FUPA?

This means that as we get older unless we retain good health and a flat tummy, our penises could be shrouded in fat. Above the penis where your pubic hair grows, there is what some people call a fat pad. Some call it the FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area).

There’s an old adage that for every stone you lose you gain an inch down there – well technically that could be true – depending on the size of your FUPA. It could be actually hiding the first inch or two of your penis.

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An article by Doctor Phil Hammond for the Telegraph has suggested that perhaps our manhoods are getting smaller because of our bellies.

Doctor Phil Hammond wrote in The Telegraph,

“A big belly makes your penis look smaller, and if you can’t see it at all when you look down you need to get a grip quickly. You’re at high risk of type two diabetes and arterial disease, which can also affect the frequency and firmness of your erections.

“The bottom line is that a good erection is a sign of good physical and mental health, but for most women, your smile and smell are far more important than actual size.”

Cosmeticare.com suggests that there are numerous ways to help you rid yourself of the FUPA, including: reducing your stress levels, getting a better diet – rich in fruit and whole grains, anti-inflammatory foods such as watery veg, but also cosmetic procedures including freezing your fat or liposuction.

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Can exercise help?


There’s always exercise as well, GayFitnessUK.com suggests a range of ideas to help you shed body fat, adding, “Cutting body fat can be difficult, and staying on a healthy nutritious diet can be tough and at times de-motivating. Allow yourself treats every now and then, but try and stick to your healthy diet and workout plan at least 90% of the time. And once you reach your goal, don’t fall back to old habits. It’s better to stay on the nutritious path you’ve carved out for yourself in order to keep the results!”


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