And it uses a Sex in the City analogy, so double points

The differences between straight people and gay people can feel world’s apart sometimes.

Despite the fact that the legal and social gaps between gay and straight people are closing year on year, especially in the UK and other Westernised cultures, somethings probably won’t ever change.

One of the major differences is the way in which gay guys view, have and find sex.

Anecdotally, it feels as though gay/bi/curious men tend to have many more sexual partners than their straight counterparts.

So when we discovered this tweet from “Gay-Z” it felt like there could be a smidge of truth to it.

In the tweet, he wrote,

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“Gay culture is being the Samatha of your straight group, but the Charlotte of your gay one”

For those not in the know, Samatha in Sex in the City was the far more raunchy, sexualised character – who had many sexual partners and sexual exploits than her friends.

Charlotte was a lot more reserved.

Controversial or truth?

The tweet could be seen as controversial, however, many of the repliers agreed with the statement, with one saying that it was “good” and another adding, “This is 100% accurate”.

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What do you think – does this Tweet sum up “gay culture”?

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