“We get more than a badge”


It seems as though some drag queens in the UK just aren’t impressed with the prizes of the UK version of Drag Race after it was announced that new season of Drag Race UK had been greenlit for 2020.

The UK version differs from the US version in that there is no cash prize or sponsored mini prizes, for the mini-challenges set by RuPaul each week, instead, the queens win a “RuPeter badge”.

The Vivienne – (C) BBC / World of Wonder – Photographer: Guy Levy

However fan favourite The Vivienne has hit out at drag queens who say they aren’t impressed with winning just a badge – reminding them that there is more than just a badge at stake for anyone who takes part in the show.

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In a tweet she explained that the girls are winning a lot more than a badge, that they are, in fact, winning their “dream careers”.

She wrote, “‘Im not applying for drag race s2! I want more than a badge’ We get more than a badge, a LOT more than a badge. #dreamcareer

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So true, so true! Dream big gals!

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