Serial killer Colin Ireland was charged and convicted of the murders of five gay men in the early 90s.

Early one evening in 1993, a loner and life-long under-achiever Colin Ireland declared a startling New Year’s resolution to a shocked newspaper journalist. He was going to become a serial killer.

Over the next six months, Ireland was as good as his word and went on to lure five gay men to their deaths. As the media whipped up a frenzy of fear proclaiming that a “Gay Slayer” was loose on the streets of London, Ireland continued to taunt those detectives trying to catch him.

Eventually, though, Ireland found himself backed into a corner as police closed the net around him. He was jailed in December 1993.

Ireland died in 2012 of ‘natural causes’ in prison aged 57. He was serving five counts of life imprisonment.

Who were Colin Ireland’s victims?

Peter Walker, 45 a choreographer. It is believed that he was the first victim of Ireland.

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Christopher Dunn, was a 37-year-old librarian.

Perry Bradley III, 35, met Ireland at the Coleherne pub in London.

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Andrew Collier, 33, was a housing warden.

Emanuel Spiteri, was 41 and from Malta. He also met Ireland at the Coleherne pub.

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