Just like straight men, gay men who are married are also called Husbands!

Gay married men are called husbands.

Just like the straights!

Just like heterosexual married men are called husbands, men who are in gay marriage are also referred to by this term.

The word “husband” has its roots in Old Norse and Old English. In Old Norse, the word “húsbóndi” meant “master of a house,” and in Old English, “husbonda” referred to the head of a household or the manager of a farm. The term later evolved to specifically refer to a married man, and in modern English, “husband” is commonly used to describe a man who is married or in a committed long-term relationship.

Is a gay man in marriage ever called a wife?

No, a gay man in marriage is not typically called a wife. The term “wife” is traditionally used to refer to a married woman, and while language is always evolving, it’s not common for a man to be called a “wife” in a marriage, regardless of his sexual orientation. Instead, the term “husband” is commonly used to refer to a married man, regardless of his sexual orientation.

However as an inside joke between gay couples, one may be referred to as a wife, or with more feminine language and one may be more commonly referred to in masculine terms. It’s always best to ask how couples may define their identity if in doubt, rather than say the wrong thing and cause offence.

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It’s important to use inclusive language that recognizes and respects the diversity of relationships and families.

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