It’s a perpetual worry for a lot of guys, but what can you do if you think your D is too small?

worried about small penis,
Just what can you do if you think your penis is too small

The average length of the erect penis is smaller than you think but thanks to porn many guys have completely unrealistic expectations of their own manhoods and its abilities, like just how long they can last.

We asked Doctor Nitin Shori from Pharmacy2U what can be done to get a bigger penis, he told us that penis size is a common worry amongst men, but there really isn’t anything that is “normal” when it comes to penises or their size. He told us, “try not to get anxious about it. So long as you are otherwise healthy and happy, the most important thing is taking precautions to ensure that you do not run the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including using condoms, when you do have sex.”

So what can actually be done to make a penis bigger?

Doctor Nitin, says that evidence that products and procedures that claim to make your penis larger is thin on the ground and that many just don’t work and more worryingly that many just aren’t safe.

He suggests some steps that you can take to improve your own and others’ perception of the size of your penis and best of all they are free. They include trimming your pubic hair – a bushy pubic area can obscure over an inch of your length and losing weight. As you put on weight and as you get older you tend to put fat on around your pubic area leading to buried penis syndrome.

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If you’re still concerned then maybe you might find counselling beneficial. Shori adds, “In some cases, people inaccurately conclude that they are not as big as they should be. Counselling has been shown to be beneficial for men with penis anxiety as therapy helps patients identify and correct any distorted views, building self-confidence and overcoming fears about sexual relations”.

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A world of small willies…

Even if you do have a small penis there’s a world of information out there for you. Did you know there’s a small penis festival? There are also many advantages of having a small penis – check them out here.

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