The best nudist beaches in the UK

We can’t wait for summer.

Yes, there are a number of great nudist beaches in the UK, but apparently, if you want to go to the best in Europe you’ll have to travel further afield.

According to Globehunters the best nudist beach for gay friendliness is actually the incredible liberal country of Sweden.

The travel experts point out that Agesta Beach in Sweden is the “best beach destination for the LGBT+ community” and it gives the country a magnificent 322 points on its LGBTQ+ Danger Index.

Globehunter’s LGBT+ Danger Index score was taken from Asher & Lyric’s index of the safest and least safe countries for gay, bi, lesbian and trans travellers, with the highest scores indicating a safer country.

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Chilly willy?

However, if you’re planning to head to Sweden’s premier nudist beach you might want to actually keep some clothes on as the Average summer temperature is just 15.7 degrees – that’s way to chilling for us to get our kit off.

Actually, while you’re at it, have a read of our Editor’s one and only experience of a nudist beach here.

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For the best warmth, you’d have to travel transatlantic to either Austin, Texas’s Hippie Hollow or Jamaica’s Ocho Rios. However, Jamaica receives a dismal -98 points on the LGBT+ danger index according to Globehunters.

And for the UK?

wilhei / Pixabay

The best nudist beach for the gay community in the UK is Brighton’s Naturist Beach – which has an average summer temperature just marginally better than Sweden – at 16.3 degrees.

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