Zoe Ball’s son just came out as bisexual

Woody Cook has come out as bisexual

The 18-year-old son of broadcaster, Zoe Ball has come out as bisexual in an interview with US Magazine, Boys By Girls. Speaking to the magazine, he said that at first, his mum, didn’t believe that he could be bisexual, revealing that she said, “You can’t be, you like girls?”.

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Talking about his sexuality, he said,


“It’s something I’ve known for three years. I always felt, growing up, that I had all these thoughts and I just shook it off.

“Then one day I was at a party, and there was this girl I really liked who said: ‘It’s a shame you’re not a girl, I’m only really into girls—it’s great being gay.’

“And I said: ‘Yeah, I’m gay too, I’m bisexual.’ I just said it as a laugh at the time, but then the next day I woke up and thought: ‘Why did I say that?’”

“And then, the more I thought about it I thought: ‘Oh my god, that explains everything!’ And then it was that miracle moment, where my entire life had been really conflicted, and I suddenly realised that was it.”

Woody is also the son of Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim.

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