Bullying takes many forms: Name-calling, making negative comments on your work, making someone feel worthless, physical abuse are just some examples. We've compiled some coping strategies.
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Know Your Rights

All educational settings have anti-bullying policies. Some employers have these as well. Even if your employer doesn’t, they will have Equality & Diversity Policies as well as other relevant policies. Read them.

There will also be procedures for investigating and dealing with bullying – so have a look at these as well.

Know your rights. Nobody has a right to bully another. Make authority figures aware that you know you’re rights.

Don’t Let It Get To You

Try not to let the things the bully says or does get to you. Bullies bully for a variety of reasons, but it’s always about their issues, not yours.

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Try Not To Show A Reaction or Smile

Don’t let the bully see that they are getting to you. To do this, try to give them no reaction or smile. You know that phrase: Smile – it confuses people.

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